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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize 1986-2013

from wikipedia accessed 6/27/13

The Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize, established in 1986, is awarded annually to the best collection of poetry by a resident of British Columbia, Canada.

One of the B.C. Book Prizes, the award was originally known as the B.C. Prize for Poetry. In 1989, it was renamed after poet Dorothy Livesay, whose Day and Night (1944) and Poems for People (1947) received the Governor General's Award for Poetry.

Winners and nominees[edit]

1986 Joe Rosenblatt, Poetry Hotel

1987 Diana Hartog, Candy from Strangers
John Newlove, The Night the Dog Smiled
Tom Wayman, The Face of Jack Munro

1988 Patricia Young, All I Ever Needed was a Beautiful Room
Norm Sibum, Eight Poems
Sharon Thesen, The Beginning of the Long Dash

1989 Charles Lillard, Circling North
Doug Beardsley, Dancing Star
bill bissett, what we have

1990 Victoria Walker, Suitcase
Marlene Cookshaw, The Whole Elephant
Maureen McCarthy, The Girls in the Last Seat Waving

1991 Jeff Derksen, Down Time
bill bissett, Hard 2 beleev
Phyllis Webb, Hanging Fire

1992 Barry McKinnon, Pulplog
John Pass, The Hour's Acropolis
Michael Turner, Company Town

1993 bill bissett, Inkorrect Thoughts
Kirsten Emmott, How Do You Feel?
Diana Hartog, Polite to Bees: A Bestiary

1994 Gregory Scofield, The Gathering: Stones for the Medicine Wheel
Brian Brett, Poems New and Selected
Howard White, Ghost in the Gears

1995 Linda Rogers, Hard Candy
Aaron Bushowsky, Ed and Mabel Go to the Moon
Adeena Karasick, Mêmewars

1996 Patrick Lane, Too Spare, Too Fierce
Kate Braid, To this Cedar Fountain
Robin Skelton, The Edge of Time

1997 Margo Button, The Unhinging of Wings
Marilyn Bowering, Autobiography
Joyce Nelson, Seeing in the Dark

1998 Patricia Young, What I Remember from My Time on Earth
Lyle Neff, Ivanhoe Station
Linda Rogers, Heaven Cake

1999 David Zieroth, How I Joined Humanity at Last
Patrick Friesen, St. Mary at Main
Jan Zwicky, Songs for Relinquishing the Earth

2000 Lorna Crozier, What the Living Won't Let Go
Wayde Compton, 49th Parallel Psalm
Susan Musgrave, Things That Keep and Do Not Change
D.C. Reid, Love and Other Things That Hurt
Tom Wayman, The Colours of the Forest

2001 Don McKay, Another Gravity
George Bowering, His Life
Patrick Lane, The Bare Plum of Winter Rain
John Pass, Water Stair
Sue Wheeler, Slow-Moving Target

2002 Karen Solie, Short Haul Engine
Stephen Guppy, Understanding Heaven
Aislinn Hunter, Into the Early Hours
Daphne Marlatt, This Tremor Love Is
Catherine Owen, The Wrecks of Eden

2003 bill bissett, peter among th towring boxes / text bites
Colin Browne, Ground Water
Marlene Cookshaw, Shameless
Patrick Friesen, The Breath You Take from the Lord
Tom Wayman, My Father's Cup

2004 Philip Kevin Paul, Taking the Names Down from the Hill
Marilyn Bowering, The Alchemy of Happiness
Robert Bringhurst, Ursa Major
Denise Cammiade, The Creature I Am
Russell Thornton, House Built of Rain

2005 Jan Zwicky, Robinson's Crossing
Aislinn Hunter, The Possible Past
Eve Joseph, The Startled Heart
Patrick Lane, Go Leaving
D.C. Reid, The Hunger

2006 Meredith Quartermain, Vancouver Walking
Stephen Collis, Anarchive
Jordan Scott, Silt
George Sipos, Anything But the Moon
Jan Zwicky, Thirty-seven Small Songs & Thirteen Silences

2007 Don McKay, Strike / Slip
Maxine Gadd, Backup to Babylon
Steven Price, Anatomy of Keys
Sharon Thesen, The Good Bacteria
Terence Young, Moving Day

2008 Rita Wong, Forage
George McWhirter, The Incorrection
Christopher Patton, Ox
Arleen Paré, Paper Trail
Gillian Wigmore, Soft Geography

2009 Daphne Marlatt, The Given
Elise Partridge, Chameleon Hours
Nilofar Shidmehr, Shirin and Salt Man
George Stanley, Vancouver: A Poem
Karen Hofmann, Water Strider

2010 Fred Wah, Is a Door
Larissa Lai, Automaton Biographies
David Zieroth, The Fly in Autumn
Miranda Pearson, Harbour
Gillian Jerome, Red Nest

2011 Stephen Collis, On the Material
Ken Belford, Decompositions
Jen Currin, The Inquisition Yours
George Bowering, My Darling Nellie Grey
Eve Joseph, The Secret Signature of Things

2012 John Pass, Crawlspace
Patrick Lane, The Collected Poems of Patrick Lane
Susan McCaslin, Demeter Goes Skydiving
Garry Thomas Morse, Discovery Passages
Sharon Thesen, Oyama Pink Shale

2013 Sarah de Leeuw, Geographies of a Lover
Evelyn Lau, A Grain of Rice
Roger Farr, IKMQ
Patricia Young, Night-Eater
Colin Browne, The Properties

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