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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Louisiana Literary Award (1949-2011)

From Earl K. Long Library, University of New Orleans accessed 3/30/11

The Louisiana Literary Award was established by the Louisiana Library Association in 1948 and was presented for the first time in 1949. It is intended to "promote interest in books about Louisiana and to encourage their production." A primary criterion for selection is that books contribute to the permanent record of the State of Louisiana.

Leo Honeycutt. Edwin Edwards, Governor of Louisiana, An Authorized Biography


1949 Ballowe, Hewitt L. "Creole Folk-Tales: Stories of the Louisiana Marsh Country"
1950 Chase, John Churchill. "Frenchmen, Desire, Good Children, and Other Streets of New Orleans".
1951 Tillery, Carlyle. "Red Bone Woman"
1952 Tallant, Robert. "The Pirate Lafitte and the Battle of New Orleans"
1953 Kendall, John Smith.
1954 McWilliams, Richebourg Gaillard, ed. "Fleur de Lys and Calumet: Being the Penicaut Narrative of French Adventure in Louisiana"
1955 No award
1956 Lowery, George H. "Louisiana Birds"
1957 Sindler, Allan P. "Huey Long's Louisiana: State Politics, 1920-1952"
1958 Roland, Charles P. "Louisiana Sugar Plantations during the American Civil War"
1959 Duffy, John. "The Rudolph Matas History of Medicine in Louisiana, Vol. 1"
1960 No award
1961 Cohn, Isidore, and Hermann Deutsch. "Rudolph Matas: A Biography of One of the Great Pioneers in Surgery"
1962 Brooks, Charles B. "The Siege of New Orleans"
1963 Post, Lauren. "Cajun Sketches from the Prairies of Southwest Louisiana"
1964 Winters, John D. "The Civil War in Louisiana"
1965 Cassidy, Vincent H., and Amos E. Simpson. "Henry Watkins Allen of Louisiana"
1966 Holmes, Jack D. L. "Gayoso: The Life of a Spanish Governor in the Mississippi Valley, 1789-1799"
1967 Dyer, John P. "Tulane: The Biography of a University, 1834-1965"
1968 Rose, Al, and Edmond Souchon. "New Orleans Jazz: A Family Album"
1969 No award
1970 Williams, T. Harry. "Huey Long"
1971 McCants, Dorothea Olga, tr. and ed. "They Came to Louisiana: Letters of a Catholic Mission, 1854-1882"
1972 Gaines, Ernest J. "The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman"
1973 Brown, Clair A. "Wildflowers of Louisiana and Adjoining States"
1974 Feibleman, Peter S. "The Bayous"
1975 Lowery, George H. "The Mammals of Louisiana and Its Adjacent Waters"
1976 Taylor, Joe Gray. "Louisiana Reconstructed, 1863-1877"
1977 Fontenot, Mary Alice, and Paul B. Freeland. "
1978 Percy, Walker. "Lancelot"
Mills, Gary B. "The Forgotten People: Cane River's Creoles of Color"
1979 Marquis, Donald M. "In Search of Buddy Bolden, First Man of Jazz"
1980 Edmonds, David C. "Yankee Autumn in Acadiana: A Narrative of the Great Texas Overland Expedition through Southwest Louisiana, October - December 1863"
1981 Toole, John Kennedy. "A Confederacy of Dunces"
1981 Cable, Mary. "Lost New Orleans"
1982 Lockwood, C. C. "Atchafalaya: America's Largest River Basin Swamp"
1983 Segura, Chris. "Marshland Brace: Two Louisiana Stories"
Gleason, David King. "Plantation Homes of Louisiana and the Natchez Area"
1984 Bush, Robert. "Grace King: A Southern Destiny"
1985 Cutrer, Thomas W. "Parnassus on the Mississippi: The Southern Review and the Baton Rouge Literary Community, 1935-1942"
1986 Hewat, Alan V. "Lady's Time"
1987 Reed, Ed. "Requiem for a Kingfish"
1988 Percy, Walker. "The Thanatos Syndrome"
1989 Evans, Eli N. "Judah P. Benjamin, the Jewish Confederate"
1990 Dundee, Harold A., Douglas A. Rossman, and Eugene C. Beckham. "The Amphibians and Reptiles of Louisiana"
1991 Corrington, John William. "The Collected Stories of John William Corrington"
1992 Stones, Margaret. "Flora of Louisiana: Watercolor Drawings"
1993 Hall, Gwendolyn Midlo. "Africans in Colonial Louisiana: The Development of Afro-Creole Culture in the Eighteenth Century"
1994 Gaines, Ernest J. "A Lesson Before Dying"
1995 Boggs, Lindy. "Washington Through a Purple Veil: Memoirs of a Southern Lady"
1996 Fairclough, Adam. "Race and Democracy: The Civil Rights Struggle in Louisiana, 1915-1972"
1997 Upton, Dell, ed. "Madaline: Love and Survival in Antebellum New Orleans [Madaline Edwards]"
1998 Poesch, Jessie J., and Barbara SoRelle Bacot, eds. "Louisiana Buildings, 1720-1940: The Historic American Buildings Survey"
1999 Holt, Kimberly Willis. "My Louisiana Sky"
2000 Tregle, Joseph G. Jr. "Louisiana in the Age of Jackson: A Clash of Cultures and Personalities"
2001 Bacot, H. Parrott, et al. "Marie Adrien Persac: Louisiana Artist"
2002 Fernandez, Mark F. "From Chaos to Continuity: The Evolution of Louisiana's Judicial System 1712-1862"
2003 Bankston, Carl L. III, and Stephen J. Caldas. "A Troubled Dream: The Promise and Failure of School Desegregation in Louisiana"
2004 No award.
2005 No award.
2006 Follett, Richard. "The Sugar Masters: Planters and Slaves in Louisiana's Cane World, 1820-1860"
2007 Holt, Kimberly Willis. "Part of Me: Stories of a Louisiana Family"
2008 Folse, John D. "After the Hunt: Louisiana's Authoritative Collection of Wild Game & Game Fish Cookery"
2009 No award.
2010 Roahen, Sara. "Gumbo Tales: Finding My Place at the New Orleans Table"

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