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Friday, December 3, 2010

Scottish Book of the Year (1982-2010)

The Scottish Book of the Year [accessed 12/3/10) award was established in 1982 and is open to authors of Scottish descent or living in Scotland, or for a book by anyone which deals with a Scottish topic.  Website has some information going back to 1958 which could yet be added to this post....

James Robertson won the £30,000 (US$46,714) Saltire Society Scottish Book of the Year award for his novel And the Land Lay Still, which "examines the cultural changes in Scotland between the Second World War and the founding of the Scottish Parliament, and how the aspirations of many Scots for a socialist Britain gave way to a resurgent nationalism and a greater demand for home rule," the Scotsman reported.

At the Loch of the Green Corrie by Andrew Greig, published by Quercus
Dunsinane by David Greig, published by Faber and Fabe
Da Happie Laand by Alan Jamieson, published by Luath Press
Gormshuil an Righ by Fionnlagh Macleoid, published by Ur-sgeul
Hamish Henderson: v. 2: Poetry Becomes People (1954-2002) by Timothy Neat, published by Birlinn
Rain by Don Paterson, published by Faber and Faber
Adam Smith, An Enlightened Life by Nick Phillipson, published by Penguin
And the Land Lay Still by James Robertson -- Winner!  [TJ's writer-intern]
The Stars in the Bright Sky by Alan Warner, published by Jonathan Cape

Past information from Wikipedia, accessed 12/3/10
The Saltire Society awards the following literary awards:
Scottish Book of the Year
Scottish First Book of the Year
Scottish History Book of the Year
Scottish Research Book of the Year

Scottish Book of the Year
1982 - Lanark by Alasdair Gray
1983 -
Collected Poems by Derick Thompson
Poems of Thirty Years by Edwin Morgan
1984 -
God and the Poets: The Gifford Lectures by David Daiches
Intimate Voices: Slected Works by Tom Leonard
1985 - Collected Poems by Norman MacCaig
1986 -
A Question of Loyalties by Allan Massie
A Storm From Paradise by Stuart Hood
1987 - The Stories of Muriel Spark by Muriel Spark
1988 -
Games with Shadows by Neal Ascherson
The Enchanted Glass: Britain and its Monarchy by Tom Nairn
1989 - A Question of Loyalties, Allan Massie
1990 - O Choille gu Bearradh/ From Wood to Ridge, Sorley MacLean
1991 - Scottish Art: 1460-1990, Duncan MacMillan
1992 - Collected Poems, Iain Critchton Smith
1993 - Robert Burns - A Biography, James A. Mackay
1994 - Beside the Ocean of Time, George Mackay Brown
1995 - The Black Sea, Neal Ascherson
1996 - The Kiln by William McIlvanney
1997 - Grace Notes by Bernard MacLaverty
1998 - The Sopranos by Alan Warner
1999 - Pursuits by George Bruce
2000 - The Lantern Bearers by Ronald Frame
2001 - Medea by Liz Lochhead
2002 - Clara by Janice Galloway (based on the life of Clara Schumann)
2003 - Joseph Knight by James Robertson
2004 - In Another Light by Andrew Greig
2005 - Case Histories by Kate Atkinson
2006 - A Lie About My Father by John Burnside
2007 - Day by A. L. Kennedy
2008 - Kieron Smith, boy by James Kelman
2009 - The Bard: Robert Burns, a Biography', by Robert Crawford
2010 - 'And The Land Lay Still', byJames Robertson

Scottish First Book of the Year
This is awarded to an author who has not previously published a book.
1988 - The Richt Noise by Raymond Vettese
1989 - Cells of Knowledge, Sian Hayton
1990 - The Ballad of Sawney Bain, Harry Tait
1991 - Night Geometry And The Garscadden Trains by A. L. Kennedy
1992 - Adoption Papers by Jackie Kay
1995 - Free Love and Other Stories by Ali Smith
1996 - Slattern by Kate Clanchy
1997 - A Painted Field by Robin Robertson
1998 - The Pied Piper’s Poison by Christopher Wallace and Two Clocks Ticking by Dennis O'Donnell
1999 - Some Rain Must Fall by Michael Faber
2000 - The Rising Sun by Douglas Galbraith
2001 - In the Blue House by Meaghan Delahunt
2002 - Burns the Radical by Liam McIlvanney and The Cutting Room by Louise Welsh
2003 - Ath - Aithne by Martainn Mac an t-Saoir
2004 - Stargazing by Peter Hill
2005 - Amande's Bed by John Aberdein
2006 - George Mackay Brown The Life by Maggie Fergusson
2007 - Fresh - A novel by Mark McNay
2008 - The Good Mayor, Andrew Nicoll
2009 - The Tin-Kin by Eleanor Thom
2010 - 'The History of Orkney Literature' by [(Simon Hall)
2010 - 'The Death of Lomond Friel' by [(Sue Peebles)]

Scottish History Book of the Year (incomplete)
2002 - The Culture of Protestantism in Early Modern Scotland, Margo Todd
2003 - Adventurers and Exiles, Marjory Harper
2004 - David II, Michael Penman
2005 - Native Lordships in Medieval Scotland The Earldoms of Strathearn and Lennox. C, 1140 - 1365, Cynthia J. Neville
2006 - Scotland's Historic Heraldry, Bruce A. McAndrew
2007 - The Scots and the Union, Christopher A. Whatley,
2008 - From Pictland to Alba 789 -1070, Alex Woolf,
2009 - A History of Scottish Philosophy, Alexander Broadie
[edit]Scottish Research Book of the Year [7]
1998 - The Edinburgh History of the Scots Language, Charles Jones
1999 - The Poems of William Dunbar (Volumes I & II), Priscilla Bawcutt
2000 -
Jessie Kesson, Writing her Life, Isobel Murray
The Highland Pipe and Scottish Society, William Donaldson
2001 - The Scottish Book Trade 1500-1720, Alastair J Mann
2002 - Sorley Maclean/ Poems to Eimhir, Christopher Whyte
2003 - The Greig-Duncan Folk Song Collection, Emily B Lyle & Katherine Campbell
2004 - The Last of England?, Randall Stevenson
2005 - Weights and Measures In Scotland, RD Connor and ADC Simpson Ed A Morrison-Low
2006 - Dùthchas Nan Gàidheal Selected Essays of John MacInnes, Michael Newton
2007 - Scotland's Books; The Penguin History of Scottish Literature, Robert Crawford
2008 - Scott's Shadow -The Novel in Romantic Edinburgh, Ian Duncan,
2009 - Historical Thesaurus of the Oxford English Dictionary: With additional material from A Thesaurus of Old English, Christian Kay, Jane Roberts, Michael Samuels, and Irené Wotherspoon, '

Homecoming Book of the Year award
This was awarded for the first time in 2009
2009 - A Passion for Nature: The Life of John Muir, Donald Worster

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