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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Toronto Book Award (1974-2010)

From the Toronto Book Awards accessed 9/22/10

Established by Toronto City Council in 1974, The Toronto Book Awards honour authors of books of literary or artistic merit that are evocative of Toronto.

The annual awards offer $15,000 in prize money. Each finalist receives $1,000 and the winning author receives the remaining prize money.

The 2009 winner was Austin Clarke for his novel More published by Thomas Allen Publishers. Previous winners include Margaret Atwood, Kevin Bazzana, David Bezmozgis, Dionne Brand, Sarah Dearing, Robertson Davies, Glen Downie, Timothy Findley, Joe Fiorito, Camilla Gibb, Katherine Govier, A.B. McKillop, Anne Michaels, Michael Ondaatje, Michael Redhill, and Kate Taylor.

2010 Shortlist:
Diary of Interrupted Days by Dragan Todorovic
The Carnivore by Mark Sinnett -- Winner!
Where We Have to Go by Lauren Kirshner
Valentine's Fall by Cary Fagan
The Prince of Neither Here Nor There by Seàn Cullen

Austin Clarke. More - Winner
Anthony De Sa. Barnacle Love
Maggie Helwig. Girls Fall Down
Mark Osbaldeston. Unbuilt Toronto
Charles Wilkins. In the Land of Long Fingernails

2008 Glen Downie. Loyalty Management

2007 Michael Redhill. Consolation

2006 Dionne Brand. What We All Long For

2005 David Bezmozgis. Natasha and Other Stories

Kevin Bazzana. Wondrous Strange: The Life and Art of Glenn Gould
Kate Taylor. Mme. Proust and the Kosher Kitchen

2003 Joe Fiorito. The Song Beneath the Ice

2002 Sarah Dearing. Courage My Love

2001 A.B. McKillop. The Spinster and The Prophet

2000 Camilla Gibb. Mouthing the Words

1999 Richard Outram. Benedict Abroad

1998 Helen Humphreys. Leaving Earth

1997 Anne Michaels. Fugitive Pieces

1996 Rosemary Sullivan. Shadow Maker, The Life of Gwendolyn MacEwen

1995 Ezra Schabas. Sir Ernest MacMillan, The Importance of Being Canadian

1994 Timothy Findley. Headhunter

Carole Corbeil. Voice-Over
David Donnell. China Blues

1992 Katherine Govier. Hearts of Flame

1991 Cary Fagan and Robert MacDonald (editors). Streets of Attitude: Toronto Stories

Hilary Russell. Double Take, The Story of the Elgin and Winter Garden Theatres
Guy Vanderhaeghe. Homesick

1989 Margaret Atwood. Cat's Eye

1988 Michael Ondaatje. In The Skin Of A Lion

1987 William Dendy and William Kilbourn. Toronto Observed: Its Architecture, Patrons and History

Morley Callaghan. Our Lady of the Snows
Robertson Davies. What's Bred in the Bone

Warabe Aska. Who Goes to the Park
J.M.S. Careless. Toronto To 1918
Joseph Skvorecky. The Engineer of Human Souls

Edith G. Firth. Toronto in Art
Gerald Killan. David Boyle: From Artisan to Archaeologist
Eric Wright. The Night the Gods Smiled

Michael Bliss. The Discovery of Insulin
Lucy Booth Martyn. The Face of Early Toronto: An Archival Record 1803-1936

Claude Bissell. The Young Vincent Massey
University of Toronto Press
Marian Engel. Lunatic Villas

Timothy Colton. Big Daddy: Frederick G. Gardiner and the Building of Metropolitan Toronto
Mary Larratt Smith. Young Mr. Smith in Upper Canada
Helen Weinzweig. Basic Black with Pearls

Raymond Souster. Hanging In
Stephen A. Speisman. The Jews of Toronto: A History to 1937

Michael Bliss. A Canadian Millionaire
William Dendy. Lost Toronto
John Morgan Gray. Fun Tomorrow

Christopher Armstrong and H.V. Nelles. The Revenge of the Methodist Bicycle Company
Timothy Findley. The Wars

Margaret Atwood. Lady Oracle
Margaret Gibson. The Butterfly Ward

Robert Harney and Harold Troper. Immigrants: A Portrait of the Urban Experience 1890-1930
Hugh Hood. The Swing in the Garden

Claude Bissell. Halfway Up Parnassus
The Labour History Collective. Women at Work
Loren Lind. The Learning Machine

1974 William Kurelek. O Toronto
Desmond Morton. Mayor Howland
Richard Wright. In the Middle of a Life

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