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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Books with cd's

Books with CDs

bullet Chevalier, Tracy. Burning Bright book & cd at GPL
bullet Danticat, Edwidge. Dew breaker 2004 GPL-book&cd
bullet Danticat, Edwidge. Krik! Krak? (pre-college list) GPL cd only, both at PPL
bullet Davidson, Andrew. Gargoyle (book&cd@gpl)
bullet DeMille, Nelson. Gold coast (IngRec 090408) book@gpl,cd@ppl
bullet Downham, Jenny. Before I Die (book&cd at GPL) Guardian Children's Fiction Prize shortlist08
bullet Dunnett, Dorothy. The Game of Kings (#1 Lymond Chronicles)book@gpl,cd@PPL
bullet Eggers, Dave. What is the what: the autobiography of Valentino Achak Deng GPL book only, PPL book&cd (BLEC06)
bullet Dunnett, Dorothy. The Disorderly Knights (#3 Lymond Chronicles)bookNA,cd@PP
bullet Dunnett, Dorothy. Queen's Play (#2 Lymond Chronicles)book@gpl,cd@PPL
bullet Follett, Ken. World without end
bullet Frayn, Michael. Headlong (cd@gpl, book@ppl)
bullet Eugenides, Jeffrey. The Virgin Suicides (GPLbook&cd)
bullet Funke, Cornelia. Igraine the brave (Outstanding International Book) book &cd atGPL
bullet Follett, Ken. Pillars of the Earth (1989) will enjoy sequel, World Without End(07).
bullet French, Tana. In the woods (Edgar winner08) book&cd@gpl
bullet Grayson, Emily. Gazebo (book&cd@gpl)
bullet Haynes, Melinda. Chalktown (Recby Joyce Drury) boo@gpl,cd@ppl
bullet Ghosh, Amitav. Hungry Tide (1995) Book&cd@gpl
bullet Horwitz, Tony. A Voyage Long and Strange: Rediscovering the New World (IngRec0520) (book@gpl,cd@ppl)GeogTrav092808
bullet Kimmel, Haven. Iodine (IngRec090208) book&cd@gpl
bullet Jordan, Hillary. Mudbound (IngRec081508) book&cd @GPL
bullet Kessler, Lauren. Dancing With Rose: Finding Life in the Land of Alzheimer's PNBA award GPL book & cd
bullet Kneale, Matthew. English Passengers (Tazmania) (2000) Book &cd at GPL
bullet Marsh, Katherine. Night tourist (EdgarNom) book &cd GPL
bullet O'Carroll, Brendan. Mammy (IngRec101408) Humorous (book&cd@gpl)
bullet O'Carroll, Brendan. Chisellers #2 Agnes Browne Trilogy (IngRec101408) Humorous (book&cd@gpl)
bullet Lester, Julius. Cupid: A Tale of Love and Desire TEEN (ShelfAwareness3/05/07)
bullet Petterson, Per. Out stealing horses. winner of '06 Independent Foreign Fiction Prize cd & book GPL&PPL
bullet McCarthy, Cormac. The road (Pulitzer fiction07)
bullet Patchett, Ann. Run (2007) book & cd at GPL
bullet Pollan, Michael. Omnivore's dilemma: a natural history of four meals (NYT Best of '06)GPL book ony, PPL book &CD 1207 ANF06
bullet PĂ©rez-Reverte, Arturo. Nautical chart (2001) Spanish (book&cd@gpl)
bullet Pinkwater, Daniel. Neddiad. GPL book only, PPL book&cd
bullet Pratchett, Terry. Nation (book&cd@gpl)
bullet Riordan, Rick, The Sea of Monsters (#2 Percy Jackson & the Olympians) book&cd at GPL
bullet Rushdie, Salman. The Enchantress of Florence (Man Booker Longlist) book & cd at GPL
bullet Sedaris, David. When you are engulfed in flames. book&cd@gpl Hudson book of '08
bullet Pullman. Golden Compass #1 (kids books of note)
bullet Pullman. Subtle knife #2 (kids books of note)
bullet Pullman. Amber spyglass #3 (kids books of note)
bullet Reinhardt, Dana. Brief chapter in my impossible life (Sydney Taylor honor teen)
bullet Shorto, Russell. Descartes Bones: A Skeletal History of the Conflict Between Faith and Reason (Ing112408)cd@gpl book@ppl
bullet Shaara, Jeff. Rising Tide (#1in trilogy about WW2) book&cd@gpl
bullet Stein, Garth. Art of running in the rain (IngRec110708)book&cd@gpl
bullet St. James, James. Freak show. TEEN (WPbest) GPL book & cd
bullet Sanderson, Brandon. Alcatraz vs the evil librarians. GPL book & cd
bullet Shaara, Jeff. Steel Wave (#2in trilogy about WW2) (cd at PPL)
bullet Smith, Tom Rob. Child 44 (Man Booker Longlist) GPL book only, book &cd at PPL
bullet Springer, Nancy. Case of the Missing Marquess: an Enola Holmes Mystery book only at GPL, cd @PPL(Edgar Nom)
bullet Springer, Nancy. Case of the left-handed lady (Enola Holmes) not at GPL, book & cd @PPL

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