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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Places to go -- or to read about!

A listing of suggested places and experiences a well-traveled geographer
should experience. With a lot of help from the visitors to our Geography
Forum, here's the list...

Specific Locations

* Abu Simbel, Egypt
* Amazon River and Rainforest
* Anasazi Ruins in Southwest USA (Canyon de Chelly and Mesa Verde)
* Andalucia Region of Spain
* Angel Falls, Venezuela
* Angkor Wat, Cambodia
* Antarctica
* Arches National Park, Utah
* The Badlands
* Bay of Fundy
* The Berner Oberland and Zermatt, Switzerland
* Big Sur and Monterey Bay, California
* Brugge, Belgium
* Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah
* The Canadian Rockies
* Cappadocia, Turkey
* Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico
* Channel Tunnel
* The Cliff Walk in Newport, Rhode Island
* Dubrovnik, Croatia
* Fez, Morocco
* The Fjords of Norway
* Four Corners, Colorado-Arizona-New Mexico-Utah
* Glacier National Park (especially Going-To-The-Sun Road), Montana
* Grand Canyon (North Rim)
* Great Barrier Reef, Australia
* Greenwich Observatory and stand on zero degrees longitude
* Guilin, China
* Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
* Hadrian's Wall and the Antonine Wall
* Hanalei Bay, Hawaii
* Hilo, Hawaii
* The islands of Lewis and Harris in the Outer Hebrides
* Istanbul, Turkey
* Lake Baikal
* The Lake District, England
* Macchu Picchu, Peru
* Mall of America, Minnesota
* Natural Bridge, Florida
* Nile River
* North and South Poles (if Michael Palin can go there, anyone can).
* Olympic National Park, Washington
* Panama Canal -- McCullough. Path Between the Seas and several others
* Paris, France
* Petra, Jordan
* Pompeii
* Prague, Czech Republic
* The Pyramids
* Rural Northern New England in the autumn (or any season for that matter)
* Sagres
* San Francisco, California
* Sears Tower, Chicago
* Sequoia National Park, California
* The Serengeti
* Shinto shrines in Kyoto and throughout Japan
* St. Petersburg, Russia
* Stonehenge (and Avebury)
* Straits of Gibraltar
* Suez Canal
* Sydney, Australia
* Tallinn, Estonia
* Tracy Arm, Southeast Alaska
* Uluru, Australia
* Venice and northern Italy
* White Mountains of New Hampshire
* Yellowstone National Park
* Yosemite National Park, California
* Zion Canyon's The Narrows

General Locations

* Cross the International Date Line
* Equator
* Explore a deep cave
* Find a place on earth where you cannot see any evidence of human impact
at all, including light pollution or noise
* A major desert
* Sail or boat across the major oceans
* See a huge city - L.A., Mexico City, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, N.Y.C., etc.
* See a large waterfall
* See the ocean, especially the Atlantic and Pacific
* See the view from the top floor of a really tall building
* Travel to a place with a different language and culture
* Visit a national capital (and capitol?)
* Visit a permafrost landscape
* Visit a point below sea level (on land)
* Visit each continent
* Visit every country on your home continent
* Visit one of the world's largest airports
* Visit each major climate zone (Koppen) -- Does the Biosphere count?
* Visit the geologic eccentricities of Iceland


* Climb a mountain
* Cross an International Boundary
* Eat a different food from a different country every night for a month
* Experience a hurricane - no thanks
* Experience a significant earthquake - no thanks
* Feel hailstones larger than marbles
* Have a real friend in several countries
* Observe a tidal bore
* See a glacier calve
* See and hear a flash flood - no thanks
* See and smell a live volcano - no thanks
* See significant river or coastal flooding
* Speak at least two languages fluently - too late to speak, but reading I'd try
* View the Aurora Borealis or Aurora Australis
* Walk on a sand dune in a desert where you cannot see anything but sand
in any direction
* Witness an avalanche - no thanks
* Witness a solar eclipse
* Witness a tornado - no thanks
* Whale-watching in Baja California

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