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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

2008 Fiction List

2008 Fiction

Alameddine, Rabih. Hakawati (Hudson'08)
Adiga, Aravind. White tiger (IngRec042908, OrigVoices, Booker Longlist) GPL&PPL book only
Allende, Isabel. Mistress of the Castle
Anam, Tahmima. Golden age. (BostonGlobe031608)
Arnold, Gaynor. Girl in a blue dress (Man Booker Longlist) not @ GPL or PPL
Aslam, Nadeem. Wasted Vigil (NPR 092208)(book@ppl)NYT101208 (Pakistani)
Banks, Iain. Crow Road. (IngRec092208)
Barbery, Muriel. Elegance of the hedgehog (wp10)
Barnes, Jonathan. Somnambulist (Orig Voices)
Barry, Brunonia. Lace Reader (Orig Voices)
Barry, Sebastian. Secret scripture. (Man Booker Longlist) GPL book only
Barnes, Julian. Nothing to be frightened of. (NPR 092208) not@gpl,ppl
Baugh, Carolyn. View from the garden (IngRec092208)
Berger, John. From A to X (Man Booker Longlist) not @ GPL or PPL
Boas, Amy. Richer dust (NM 1920-1960)
BolaƱo, Roberto. 2666 (A+Complete Review) book@ppl (Hudson'08)wp10
Boling, Dave. Guernica(PNBAlist)
Choi, Susan. Person of interest. (BostonGlobe031608) GPL&PPL book only
Clarke, Breena. Stand the Storm (Civil War NPR101308)
Coe, Jonathan. Rain before it falls (BostonGlobe030908)
Davies, Adam. Mine all mine (npr082808)
Davidson, Andrew. Gargoyle (book&cd@gpl)
Davis, Margaret Leslie. Mona Lisa in Camelot (IngRec111708)
de Kretser, Michelle. The Lost Dog (Man Booker Longlist) PPL book only
Doig, Ivan. Eleventh Man(PNBAlist)
Drayson, Nicholas. Guide to the Birds of East Africa (IngRec110708)book@ppl
Edwards, Selden. Little Book (IngRec 082008)
Evison, Jonathan. All about Lulu (Hudson'08)
Enger, Leif. So brave, young, and handsome. (Booksellers choice)
Enger, L.L. Undiscovered country (IngRec0818) Book at GPL
Evans, Stephen. Marriage of true minds. new in paper 0508 (IngRec060908)
Evison, Jonathan. All about Lulu (Hudson'08)
French, Tana. Likeness (npr082508) book@gpl
Galan, Juan Eslava. Mule (IngRec0521)
Galloway, Steven. Cellist of Sarajevo (Booksellers choice)(Original Voices)Fuller, Alexandra. Legend of Colton H. Bryant (IngRec060208)
Ghosh, Amitav. Sea of Poppies #1 in trilogy (Man Booker Longlist,WP101908) India book@PPL
Grandbois, Daniel. Unlucky Lucky Days (IngRec080408)
Greer, Andrew. Story of a marriage. (IngRec060908)
Grant, Linda. The Clothes on Their Backs (Man Booker Longlist) not @ GPL or PPL
Hall, Brian. Fall of Frost. (about the poet)
Hanif, Mohammed. A Case of Exploding Mangoes (Man Booker Longlist)
Harrison, Jim. English Major (NYT101908)PNBAlist
Hannan, Chris. Missy (IngRec0728)
Hein, Christopher. Settlement (Germany) IngRec100108
Hensher, Philip. The Northern Clemency (Man Booker Longlist) not@GPL,PPLbookonly
Hemon, Aleksander The Lazarus Project (Hudson'08)(National Book Award Finalists)
Hickman, Katie. The Aviary Gate (IngRec080408)
Izzo, Jean-Claude. Sun for the dying (IngRec090808)
Jones, Sadie. Outcast (IngRec042108) book at GPL, cd at PPL(BstnGlbe033008)
Joern, Pamela Carter. Plain sense of things (IngMidwestConn112608)
Jones, Sherry. Jewel of Medina(PNBAlist)
Jordan, Hillary. Mudbound (IngRec031708, Booksellers Choice & Bellweather socially responsible prize)
Kerig, William. Edge of never (IngRec111708)
Kimmel, Haven. Iodine (IngRec090208) book&cd@gpl
Kiernan, Kristy. Matters of faith (IngRec092908)
Kirino, Natsuo. Real world (IngRec080408)
Klass, Perri. Mercy Rule (IngRec081108) GPL&PPL book only
Kluge, P.F. Gone tomorrow. (Booksellers choice)
Klosterman, Chuck. Downtown Owl. (Booksellers Choice)
Kushner, Rachel. Telex from Cuba (National Book Award Finalists)
Kogan, Deborah Copaken. Between Here and April (IngRec111708)
Larsson, Stieg. Girl with the dragon tattoo (IngRec091608) book@gpl
Lamb, Wally. The Hour I First Believed (Hudson'08)
Lehane, Dennis. Given Day (Hudson'08)
Livesey, Margot. House on Fortune Street. (BGlobe 050408)GPL&PPL book only
Liss, David. Whiskey Rebels (wp120608)
McCall Smith, Alexander. Miracle at speedy motors (Ladies#1 Detective Agency)
McGrath, Patrick. Trauma (Dirda Rec 050408)Book at PPL
Marai, Sandor. Esther's Inheritance (booksellers choice)
Matthiessen, Peter. Shadow Country (National Book Award Finalists)
Marciano, Francesca. End of Manners (NYT101208) Afghanistan
Milner, Donna. After River (IngRec042808)
Meek, James. We are now Beginning our Descent (NYT101208) Afghanistan
Morton, Kate. House at Riverton (IngRec0512)
Marshall, Joseph. Long knives are crying (#2Lakota series) Ing112408
Morrison, Toni. Mercy (Hudson'08)wp10
O'Neill, Joseph. Netherland (Man Booker Longlist) GPL&PPL book only
Parzybok, Benjamin. Couch (IngRec110708)
Peebles, Frances de Pontes. The Seamstress (Brazil 1930s NPR101308)
Petterson, Per. Out stealing horses. winner of '06 Independent Foreign Fiction Prize
Piazza, Tom. City of Refuge (N.O.) IngRec092908
Rash, Ron. Serena. (Booksellers Choice)
Price, Richard. Lush Life (Hudson'08)
Proulx, Annie. Fine just the way it is.
Robinson, Marilynne. Home (National Book Award Finalists)
Rushdie, Salman. The Enchantress of Florence (Man Booker Longlist) book & cd at GPL
Scibona, Salvatore. End (National Book Award Finalists)
Robinson, Roxana. Cost (wp10)
Sewell, Kitty. Ice Trap: A Novel of Suspense (IngRec031008)
Shaara, Jeff. Steel Wave (#2in trilogy about WW2) (cd at PPL)
Rose, M.J. The Memorist (IndieFav120108)
Smith, Tom Rob. Child 44 (Man Booker Longlist)
Self, Will. Butt: an exit strategy (book@ppl)
Simon, Scott. Windy City. (NPR author)
Stein, Garth. Art of running in the rain (IngRec110708)book&cd@gpl(Hudson'08)PNBAlist
Tinti, Hannah. Good thief. (Orig Voices)
Thirlwell, Adam. Delighted states (IngRec0509)
Stephenson, Neal. Anathem (Dirda090708&Jody rec. author)
Viswanathan, Padma. The Toss of a Lemon (India) WP101908
Weeks, Brent. Way of Shadows (#1NightAngel trilogy)IndieFav112408
White, Thomas. Book of Matthew (IngRec090508)
Wroblewski, David. The Story of Edgar Sawtelle (Oprah0908)(Hudson'08)
Russell, Mary Doria. Dreamers of the Day. 1919 Europe/Africa
Martin, Andrew. Lost Luggage Porter (Jim Stringer#3) RR series compares to O'Brians naval series
Schlink, Bernhard. Homecoming (Dirda rec.)
Toltz, Steve. A Fraction of the Whole (Man Booker Longlist) book & cd at GPL
Adamson, Gil. Outlander (IngRec060208)wp10

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