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Sunday, January 17, 2010

2007 Fiction List from TADA

2007 Adult Fiction

Aciman, Andre. Call Me By Your Name (IngRec112108)Baker, Ellen. Keeping the house (GreatLakesAward08)bookonly@gpl&ppl
Berlinski, Mischa. Fieldwork (NBA-Nat'l Book Award finalist)
Black, Benjamin. Christine Falls (EdgarNom) book & cd GPL
Bolano, Roberto. Savage detectives (NYTtop10) PPL book only, not at GPL
Bruen, Ken. The Dramatist SHAMUS AWARD WINNER, BARRY AWARD WINNER Best British Novel
Canon, James. Tales from the town of widows (IngRec 050608) book only PPL&GPL
Bowen, Rhys. Oh Danny Boy -- Sue Feder Historical Mystery
Brooks, Geraldine. People of the Book (National Book Critics Circle)
Cartwright, Justin. The Song Before It Is Sung (BG110208)
Christensen, Kate. Great man. PEN/Faulkner award
Coetzee, J.M. Diary of a Bad Year (National Book Critics Circle)
Chabon, Michael. The Yiddish Policeman's Union (IngRec112807) book & cd at GPL
Chevalier, Tracy. Burning Bright
Davis,Lydia. Varieties of Disturbance (NBA-Nat'l Book Award finalist)
Eck, Matthew. The Farther Shore (B&N Discover Great New Writers Awards, Milkweed National Fiction prize,)
Erickson, Steve. Zeroville (National Book Critics Circle)
Ferris, Joshua. Then We Came to the End (NBA-Nat'l Book Award finalist)(B&N Discover Great New Writers Awards)
Diaz, Junot. Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao (National Book Critics Circle) (IngRec112807)
French, Tana. In the woods (Edgar winner08) book&cd@gpl
Dillard, Annie. Maytrees. PEN/Faulkner award
Follett, Ken. World Without End (Pillars of the Earth (1989) is prequel).
Goodwin, Jason. Snake Stone (NPR081408)Hage, Rawi. De Niro's Game (IngBkGrp080408)
Harrison, Jim. Returning to earth. PNBA award Book only at GPL, book & cd at PPLHenkin, Joshua. Matrimony (IngBkGrp080408)
Hughes, Declan. The Wrong Kind of Blood SHAMUS AWARD BEST FIRST NOVEL
Halaby, Laila. Once in a Promised Land (ShelfAwareness 030507)
Hall, Steven. Raw shark texts. Borders Original Voices Award. book only @GPL&PPL
Kagen, Lesley. Whistling in the dark (RecbyCarolynCT)
Johnson, Denis. Tree of Smoke (NBA-Nat'l Book Award winner, PNBA award winner)
Hand, Elizabeth. Illyria. (08WorldFantasyAward) not@gplorppl
Jiles, Paulette. Stormy weather (IngRec 081808 book@GPL)McNally, T.M. Gateway. PEN/Faulkner award
Marshall, Joseph. Hundred in the hand (#1Lakota series)Marx, Patricia. Him her him again the end of him (IngRec 082008 Thurber nominee book@GPL)
Miura, Tetsuo. Shame in the blood (IngRev121107) PPL book only
Kay, Guy Gavriel. Ysabel (08WorldFantasyAward) book@gpl
Leavitt, David. Indian clerk. PEN/Faulkner award
Lippman, Laura. No Good Deeds, ANTHONY AWARD WINNER
Packer, Ann. Songs Without Words (IngBkGrp080408)
Petterson, Per. Out Stealing Horses (IngRec112807)
Pickard, Nancy. The Virgin of Small Plains MACAVITY AWARD WINNER Best Mystery Novel
Pritchett, Michael. The Melancholy Fate of Capt. Lewis (WP110407)
Rash, Ron. Chemistry and other stories. PEN/Faulkner award
Patchett, Ann. Run (2007) book & cd at GPL
Shepard, Jim. Like You’d Understand, Anyway (NBA-Nat'l Book Award finalist)
Pelecanos, George. The Night Gardener - BARRY AWARD WINNER Best Novel
Thomas, Michael. Man gone down. (NYTtop10)
Penny, Louise. Still Life - BARRY AWARD WINNER Best first Novel
Roth, Philip. Exit Ghost (IngRec112807) book & cd at GPL
Ruff, Matt. Bad monkeys PNBA award GPL&PPL book only
Stone, Nick. Mr. Clarinet MACAVITY AWARD WINNER Best First Novel
Thomson, Rupert. Death of a Murderer (IngBkGrp080408)
Vargas Llosa, Mario. Bad girl. (IngRec112007)
Vida, Vendela. Let the Northern Lights Erase Your Name (B&N Discover Great New Writers Awards)
Wellington, David. 13 Bullets, a vampire tale (Unshelved 090608)
Wodicka, Tod. All shall be well (IngRec022508) PPL book only, not at GPL
Russo, Richard. Bridge of Sighs
Anderson, Kurt. Heyday (Best Hist Fic07)
Bohijalian, Chris. Double bind (DTarpley07)
Kyle, Aryn. The God of Animals PNBA winner, book & cd at GPL
O'Flynn. Catherine. What was lost (Costa First Novel Award, 2007)

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